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Creating Your Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardens have the potential to increase the green area in dense cities. They transform bare cloths from the architecture, break down the hardness of the walls, refresh arid environments and make the spaces more humanized and sustainable, providing fresher and cleaner air, well-being and joy for its users.

Vertical Gardens are vibrant and vivid works of art, painted with a rich palette of colors, layers and textures that transform throughout the seasons, attract butterflies and birds and rescue some of the biodiversity in urban centers.

Each Vertical Garden is unique and has a unique design for each Client, such as a natural and handmade tapestry, where each species can reveal its full potential within a charming and lively composition.

Vertical Garden can be installed virtually anywhere and surface, indoor or outdoor, with no size limit (width or height) for the vertical garden. It can also be curved, self-supporting trimming (without supporting wall) or forming a partition between two environments, with gardens on both vertical faces.

Vivo Landscape Design On The Go has expertise and quality from the first service to the maintenance and technical support to deliver always impeccable vertical gardens.

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